OUR FIRM : : founded over twenty years ago, brings together a concern for craft, durability, function and visual grace. We consistently work with families at the most private level, their sanctuary of home. In our breadth of work, we have encountered and endured satisfying a variety of budget expectations and realities. Our projects have come from the corporate and the retail markets as well; they had originated from a personal, residential, detailed focal point.

CREATIVITY : : Creativity in design involves the assimilation of multiple components into the project. Certainly budget is the first and foremost concern; nothing can proceed without the ability to fund the idea. Creativity is the assemblage of parts that are available, attainable and compatible. What architects do is assemble general knowledge and bring spatial thinking to the situation. From an urban planning aspect, with the adjacent buildings to the internal dynamics of the community center itself, a comprehensive attitude is essential. It is our intention to comprehend historic elements and styles for the purpose only of reference, not duplication or consumptive derivation. The humanities of perception in use are more important to us than the overriding emphasis upon technology for its own sake.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY : : Our commitment to constructural order and craftsmanship stems from the discipline of the Modern movement, Mies van der Rohe, and an IIT education. Our sensibilities regarding materials and formal relationships are guided by the Midwest movement, the Prairie School. These native traditions are augmented by our commitment to the conceptual clarity, visual order, and the material firmness of industrial rationalism.

DESIGN PROCESS : : The most intricate of designs usually depends upon a strong thread of woven-together, more simple ideas. These draw strength in their union and interdependency. It's much like a family, a team. Although balance is always a stabilizer, a leader is necessary. A strong sense of endorsements in the intentions of the project by the team ensures its success. As architect, we assume the leader role.

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